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July 30, 2007

Will be doing a post about the potential for Maglev Vertical Turbines up top.

It was suggested many more times the energy in the updraft and downwind drag can be achieved with a maglev VAWT on top.

Thanks to and others for this.


Urbines. That’s what World Architecture News labels urban wind turbines; neat neologism.

Ben Coleman of Hamiltons Architects says that to optimise power, “integrate turbines into the design of tall buildings in such a way that the contours of the building envelope focus wind on to the turbine blades, much like the casing around a gas or water turbine.” They are doing this at Castle house, a 43 storey, 408 unit apartment building at Elephant and Castle in Southwark, London. “Three 9m wind turbines integrated into the top of the building are expected to generate sufficient power to drive the energy efficient lighting to the building, an integral part of the sustainable credentials for the building as a whole.”


Love that wind flow drawing.


::World Architecture News via ::Jetson Green



July 21, 2007

Even if it doesnt match its claims to efficiency glory… it look hellaciously cool!!

Please let me know if you’ve seen any other fancy new turbine designs, I want to do a HUGE investigation into emerging trends in this area!!!


This is the “LoopWing” wind turbine. It is soon to be unveiled in Japan’s Eco-Products 2006 Exhibition. The E1500 model turbine is aimed at homeowners, and it sports a unique wing design that operates with low vibration, and at wind speeds as low as 1.6 m/sec. The efficiency specs on the turbine are vague — “43% power performance at optimum wind speeds” is all published. :: LoopWing via Japan For Sustainability, via

Top 100 Energy Technologies

July 18, 2007

Ok, so…. Im going to be focused on digging down through these. One quick comment… I CALLED IT! Real quick self-congratulatory indulgence. i have a feeling after taking a look at the sterling engine design, and the parabolic dish, just in-expertly puring over the technology, production cost, etc… that it looke DAMN intriguing. And of course, the congress on energy tech chose it for # 2. Yay me. I’ve been plagued since then with some very interesting ideas about the fact that sterling motors react to even SMALL tempurature variants. Like say, the kind of gradients that make the difference between tarmac here in florida, and the earth not 10 feet down, look … well… like free money.


A New Energy Congress prioritized listing of the very best energy technologies according to ten criteria, including: renewable, environmentally safe, affordable, credible, reliable, developed, and safe (among others). The New Energy Congress is an association for the purpose of reviewing the most promising claims to up-and-coming clean, renewable, affordable, reliable energy technologies, in order to come up with a weighted list of recommendations of the best technologies.