Ths Inaugural Post

What better way to start a mastermind conversation about why its going to be all about getting rich AND saving the planet, then a recent post from Business 2.0 laying it for me.

This is the way of the future. And its not your hippie-minded, all talk no solution, wailing-wall complaining that some people have associated with the movement towards green technolgies.

It’s going to happen, everything is going to green, and sooner than later there will be a trend towards home moving off the grid or becoming contributors to it!! (more on that soon)

Business 2.0

Problem #1: Global Warming

The background: Carbon dioxide makes up nearly 80 percent of all greenhouse gases. More than a quarter of that CO2 comes from electrical power plants.

The solution: Wind power, thanks to recent breakthroughs in turbine and transmission technology; it’s also 70 percent cheaper than solar power. In May, Dublin-based Airtricity, the world’s fastest-growing wind developer, announced plans for a European supergrid – a network of 2,000 offshore wind turbines in the North Atlantic. The grid would initially supply 10,000 megawatts to 8 million homes.

The payoff: Founded just seven years ago, Airtricity is on track to bring in $657 million in revenue by 2010. The company operates 16 wind farms in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

The opportunity: Airtricity is already lobbying for government approvals. But there’s opportunity for other wind producers to start banding together, since scale is what’s needed most to lift wind out of the “alternative” market.


One Response to “Ths Inaugural Post”

  1. Corey and Tammie Says:

    Invite only, if your’ve been invited to be a part of the mastermind group, PLEASE let me know you’re thoughts.

    We’re going to build a MASSIVE energy-centered company based on popularizing the use of readily available and up-and-coming generating technologies following viable trends in economic trends and the increasing penetration of the public perception that global warming is REAL.

    So, if you’re here, its because Iwant to give you first crack @ being apart of it!

    We’re gonna save the world!
    And get very, very rich doing it!

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